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Navigating Loss, Loneliness, and Aging: Reconnecting to Sources of Strength

A four-part webinar series

developed by the Virginia Commonwealth University’s Department of Gerontology in collaboration with the Virginia Department of Social Services
for professional caregivers working in Adult Day Care settings.


At the end of this training, participants will have an increased understanding of:

  • Participants will learn more about:
    • the difference between grief and loss
    • the areas of life that loss can impact
    • how to work towards a “new normal
    • activities and resources for navigating loss
    • person-centered care as it relates to loss
    • the importance of self-care for the professional
    • the relationship between loss, loneliness, and social isolation
    • risk factors for loneliness and social isolation
    • the health consequences of loneliness and social isolation
    • how loneliness and social isolation impact the body’s immune system
    • the health benefits of social connectedness
    • activities for enhancing social connectedness

Part I

Live webinar recorded November 29, 2017, 1:00-2:30PM Eastern Time.  

Click here to review PART I’s recording and materials.


To register and pay by credit card, click here.
Cost: $15 per person


Certificates will be available upon attending Part I, reviewing online Parts II, III, IV and passing a quiz on the four-part series.


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Session Recording

Six Movements of the Spine



Loss - 1




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The handouts below can be downloaded by clicking on “View in Full Screen” and then clicking again on the download icon (illustrated below).

Loss - 1 - with notes

Please note that all of the case studies below, once downloaded and then completed in your Adobe Reader, can be saved on your machine.


Case Study - BARB


Case Study - DAVE and NAN


Case Study - CRYSTAL




Grief - 2




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Video referred in the recording available at:


Loss and the professional - 3 - Nov 17




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