CRCNS 2017

June 14-16, 2017 Brown University, Providence RI

<!–The main conference will be held at the Salomon Center for Teaching located at 79 Waterman Street, Providence, RI 02906 – access from the main green.

The poster session and reception of Wednesday, June 14, will be held in Sayles Hall at 81 Waterman Street, with access from the main green. Posters will also be on display during lunch on Thursday.–>


WEDNESDAY, June 14, 2017
8:40-9:00Opening RemarksMatthew Harrison and Stephanie Jones
Brown University
9:00-10:15S E S S I O N 1CHAIR: Michael Frank, Brown University
9:00-9:50Keynote Lecture
Deep reinforcement learning: Recent developments in AI and their implications for neuroscience [PDF]
Matthew Botvinick
DeepMind and University College London
9:50-10:15Toward socially aware computing and artificial intelligenceMing Hsu
University of California, Berkeley
10:45-12:00S E S S I O N 2CHAIR: Carl Saab, Brown University
10:45-11:10Pain intensity coding in the anterior cingulate cortexJing Wang
New York University Langone Medical Center
11:10-11:35Magnetic resonance elastography for brain studies with intrinsic actuationKeith Paulsen
Dartmouth University
11:35-12:00What wakes us up? Networked circadian clocksErik Herzog
Washington University, St. Louis
Hans-Peter Herzel
Institute for Theoretical Biology, Berlin
1:00-2:15S E S S I O N 3CHAIR: Wael Asaad, Brown University
1:00-1:25Striatal interneuron subtypes coordinate distinct aspects of network dynamics and motor plansXue Han
Boston University
1:25-1:50Cell-Specific Pallidal Intervention Induces Long-Lasting Motor Recovery in Dopamine Depleted MiceAryn Gittis
Carnegie Mellon University
1:50-2:15Force encoding in muscle spindles: Towards a multiscale model for sensorimotor feedback controlLena Ting
Emory University and Georgia Institute of Technology
2:15-2:45BROADER IMPACTS PANELCHAIR: Thomas Serre, Brown University
2:15-2:45Broader Impacts Panel:
Undergraduate training in computational neuroscience
Rick Gerkin[PDF]
Arizona State University
Venkatesh Gopal[PDF]
Elmhurst College
John Hale[PDF]
Cornell University
Mitra Hartmann
Northwestern University
Michael Spezio
Scripps College
3:15-4:30S E S S I O N 4CHAIR: David Sheinberg, Brown University
3:15-3:40Optogenetic probing of glycinergic neuron function in brainstem respiratory circuitsYaroslav Molkov
Georgia State University
3:40-4:05Patient-specific models of local field potentials recorded from deep brain stimulation electrodesCameron McIntyre
Case Western Reserve University
4:05-4:30OPTISTIM - Combining computational neuroscience and electrophysiology for optimal cortical electric stimulationDana Brooks
University of Utah and Northeastern University
THURSDAY, June 15, 2017
8:55-9:00Opening RemarksMatthew Harrison and Stephanie Jones
Brown University
9:00-10:15S E S S I O N 5CHAIR: Takeo Watanabe, Brown University
9:00-9:50Keynote Lecture
Data-driven mimicking neural encoding/decoding systems
Shin Ishii
Kyoto University
9:50-10:15A fast, foveated, fully convolutional network model for human peripheral visionRuth Rosenholtz
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
10:45-12:00S E S S I O N 6CHAIR: Amitai Shenhav, Brown University
10:45-11:10A two-stage model of sensory discrimination: An alternative to drift-diffusionMichael Landy
New York University
11:10-11:35Learning symbolic representations for planning in hierarchical reinforcement learningGeorge Konidaris
Brown University
11:35-12:00Modelling theory of mind in the volunteer's dilemma using Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes (POMDPs)Rajesh Rao
University of Washington
1:00-2:45S E S S I O N 7CHAIR: Wilson Truccolo, Brown University
1:00-1:25Finding essential nodes for integration in the brain using network optimization theoryHernan Makse
City College of New York
1:25-1:50Neural dynamics of the of the formation of spatial maps during fully-mobile human navigationScott Makeig
University of California, San Diego
1:50-2:15Dynamic network analysis of human seizures for therapeutic interventionEric Kolaczyk
Boston University
2:15-2:45Funding Q&A
Michele Ferrante, NIMH (US) [PDF]
Takahisa Taguchi, NICT (Japan)
Kenneth Whang, NSF (US) [PDF]
3:15-4:55S E S S I O N 8Theresa Desrochers, Brown University
3:15-3:40Correlated variability in cerebral cortex at criticality during visionRalf Wessel
Washington University in St Louis
3:40-4:05The generation and subtraction of predictions enhances neural coding and behavioral detection of external stimuli in an electric fishNathaniel Sawtell
Columbia University
4:05-4:30Using high-order acoustic and neural response statistics to categorize sounds in that mammalian auditory midbrainHeather Read
University of Connecticut
4:30-4:55Maximum entropy models of population codes based on random projectionsElad Schneidman
Weizmann Institute of Science
6:30-9:00BANQUET at the DORRANCE

Workshop on Integrating Dynamics and Statistics in Neuroscience

Friday, June 16, 2017 –¬†optional
To be held at the Institute for Computational and Experimental Research in Mathematics (ICERM), adjacent to Brown’s campus.¬†

FRIDAY, June 16, 2017
9:00-9:10Opening Remarks
9:10-9:45The problem of dynamic network analysisRobert Kass
Carnegie Mellon University
9:45-10:20Integrating physical and statistical models in neuroscience: some examplesMark Kramer
Boston University
10:50-11:25Building functional nervous system networks from the bottom upHenry Abarbanel
University of California, San Diego
11:25-12:00Dynamics to coding through biophysics of single neuronsAdrienne Fairhall
University of Washington
1:00-1:35Neurobiology, brain imaging and information processingDimitris Pinotsis
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1:35-2:10Inferring the source of fluctuation in neuronal activityShigeru Shinomoto
Kyoto University
2:40-3:15Data-driven geometry learning for parametrically-dependent dynamical systems with application to neuronal dynamicsRonald Coifman
Yale University
3:15-3:30FORMAL DISCUSSION in lecture hall
3:30-5:00Informal discussion at ICERM


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